WINDSOR, ONT. -- Essex County OPP are asking for help finding the rightful owner to an item believed to be stolen property.

The OPP Community Street Crime Unit (CSCU) came into possession of the item on Oct. 24.

The item does not have any serial numbers that would assist police in returning it to the rightful owner.

Police are asking the public to help solve the mystery based on these clues:

  • It is a plastic storage tote with a green lid and grey/beige bottom.
  • It is labelled with a piece of tape that reads "Costume J. Carol's".
  • It came into police custody on Oct. 24 so it was likely stolen shortly before that date.
  • It was located within the City of Windsor but could have being stolen from LaSalle, Amhurstburg or anyone of the Towns within Essex County OPP area.
  • It is clean and appears well kept.

Officers say the contents should be easily identifiable by the true owner.

A video about this item and the clues is available on the OPP West Facebook page.

If you recognize this item, call Essex County OPP at 519-723-2491 extension 7049.