WINDSOR, ONT. -- Essex County OPP laid 186 charges during a long weekend traffic safety enforcement initiative.

The blitz focussed primarily on drivers who do not slow down and safely move over for roadside emergency vehicles.

Here’s the list of offences:

  • Speeding - 144
  • Fail to Move Over for Emergency Vehicle - 7
  • Seatbelt - 4
  • Distracted Driving - 2
  • Stunt Driving - 2
  • Other HTA Violations - 15
  • Compulsory Automobile Insurance Act - 7
  • Other Provincial Statutes -2
  • Impaired Driving by Alcohol - 1
  • Other Criminal Code - 2

"The results undertaken by Essex County OPP members this past Civic Holiday weekend underscore the need for drivers to obey the rules of the road,” says Insp. Glenn Miller. “A speed limit sign is not a suggestion, but the law. Our officers continue to respond to driving complaints and our goal remains to reduce personal injury and fatal collisions on our roadways, waterways and trails.”