Heavy rainfall overnight Wednesday has caused major flooding issues in parts of Windsor and Essex County.

The Essex Region Conservation Authority has issued a flood warning for the region, due to rainfall amounts exceeding 75 millimetres in some parts.

Lucier Estates in McGregor is under four feet of water. First responders are going door-to-door to check the status of the residents and provide the appropriate assistance.  There is no mandatory evacuation at this time. Residents are choosing to shelter in place or be assisted out of the sub-division.

ERCA expects Sukker Creek to crest around 4 p.m.

“It’s not that we received an incredible amount, it’s that the rate at which it fell exceeds many typical design standards,” says Tim Byrne, ERCA coordinator of flood and erosion control.

He says the areas hit the hardest were Lucier Estates in McGregor, Laurier Parkway in LaSalle, County Road 27 on the Belle River.

The westbound lanes of Highway 401 at the Provincial Road and County Road 46 exit were also closed.

Police say the road closure was for public safety because of flooding in the area of the 401 that is under construction around the old North Talbot overpass. The area has experienced about three to four feet of flooding and pumps failed to keep up with the excessive rainfall. 

LaSalle police say Laurier Parkway and Disputed Road were both closed at the intersection due to flooding over roadway.  It was reopened around 2:30 p.m.

Environment Canada issued a heavy rainfall warning for the region on Wednesday. It was lifted around 8 a.m. Thursday morning. The forecaster says the weather conditions which prompted the rainfall warning ended or moved out of the area.