Enwin Utilities is advising customers about a new door-to-door water filter sales scam that is taking place in the Windsor area.

The utility company says scammers are telling customers they work on behalf of Enwin and are asking to test their hot water. Some customers have reported that they let the door-to-door scammers into their homes, unaware that they didn’t actually work for Enwin, to complete an “onsite test” that makes their water turn bright red.

The scammers allegedly then tell the customers that the red water means their water isn’t safe to drink and they should purchase and install filters to fix the issue.

Enwin warns that these individuals do not work for them and they are falsely representing themselves as Enwin employees to gain access into homes of unsuspecting individuals to sell merchandise that the utility says is not necessary for the safety of our local water supply.

Here are some things you should know to be safe:

ENWIN does not go door to door selling products

ENWIN will not ask you for personal information at your door

• It is very rare for ENWIN contractors to visit door-to-door

• If a contractor will be in your neighbourhood, ENWIN will make every attempt to

notify customers in advance, by phone or in writing, or both

• Local water is tested according to government regulations, and is very safe to drink

If you are concerned about someone knocking at your door:

• Ask for photo ID and get the name of the visitor and the business

• Call ENWIN at 519-255-2727 to verify the identity of the visitor

• Never share personal information about your bills or finances with a stranger

• Remember that you are in charge. Don't give anyone access to your home, unless

you know it is safe

• There is often evidence online about companies with suspicious sales practices. If

the company gives you a name, take the time to search the name online.

• If you ask a visitor to leave, they must leave right away

• If you feel unsafe, call Windsor Police Services

As Enwin becomes aware of fraud attempts involving water or electricity, they will post information to its website and on Twitter.