WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor homeowners are being encouraged to look into an Enbridge Gas program that offers a rebate of up to $5,000 and lower energy bills.

The City of Windsor is meeting with Enbridge Gas, the region’s natural gas distribution company, to review the energy and money saving programs.

“The programs offered by Enbridge Gas can help residents create a more comfortable living space, improve the value of your home and save Windsor families money on their energy bills. That’s a win-win-win,” says Windsor mayor Drew Dilkens.

City officials say they are committed to creating the conditions for expanded home energy efficiency upgrades and they are assessing multiple program options to put before city council for consideration.

The Home Efficiency Rebate program offers qualifying homeowners a rebate of up to $5,000 for renovations that can lower energy bills by more than 20 per cent.

“Our core business is to deliver natural gas, however, on the path to a greener future, delivering more conservation is part of the solution. To date, our retrofit program has resulted in reducing participating customers’ energy use by 25 to 50 percent,” says Sarah Van Der Paelt, director of marketing and energy conservation with Enbridge Gas.

Participating homeowners can upgrade their insulation, heating systems, windows and doors to reduce heat loss and, subsequently, their monthly natural gas bill.

An energy assessment is required both before and after the renovations are complete to help verify the energy savings and support the homeowner’s decision in making the most appropriate upgrades based on each home.

Since 2017, about 1,500 homes a year in the city of Windsor have participated in Enbridge Gas energy efficiency programs.

In Windsor, almost $160 million per year are spent on residential energy. The city says individual actions are needed to reduce this amount and help reduce the region’s carbon emissions, in return saving Windsor families money through lower monthly natural gas bills.

Nick Bibic, a Windsor resident, made the maximum investments in his home on Pillette Avenue through the Enbridge Gas program, which resulted in 58 per cent energy savings and cost savings of about $1,150 per year.

“As a result of the Home Efficiency Rebate, I received $5,000 towards property upgrades,” says Bibic. “With the cost of building materials constantly rising, this is an excellent way to help ensure I got the best quality products installed to maximize my home’s energy savings, all while lowering my homes carbon footprint.”

City officials say Windsor’s building stock is one of the oldest and least energy efficient in the province and is estimated to use 35 per cent more energy than the Ontario average. Local upgrades and small investments in buildings are expected to yield larger savings.