WINDSOR, ONT -- Repairs to concrete panels at various locations in the County of Essex are underway.

The effects of extreme summer heat caused heaving and buckling of pavement on County Road 22 and County Road 11.

A report was shared with council prior to Wednesday’s meeting as the County CAO Rob Maisonville was given delegation of authority when the COVID-19 pandemic began and used that power to shorten the tendering process.

The report identifies the need to repair, clean, and reseal the pavement joints as well as selective concrete panel repairs on County Road 22 from Patillo Road to County Road 2 (Old Tecumseh Road) and County Road 11 from Blackacre Drive to Highway 401.

A total of 25 locations were identified on County Road 22 and 37 panels were identified on County Road 11.

Coco Paving Inc. started the concrete pavement repair work this week at a cost of $337,400 plus applicable taxes.

Director of Infrastructure Services Department/County Engineer Jane Mustac says the work is expected to take eight weeks to complete with minimal disturbance to traffic.

“The advanced approval allowed the contractor to secure, locate and set up traffic management. Construction has now commenced on County Road 22 this week. Work on the corridor is expected to be completed on County Road 22 mid-September and the contractor will mobilize to County Road 11 from September and should be complete by the end of October,” said Mustac.