Eleven people are charged with 43 offences after police busted an illegal drug trafficking and online gambling operation in Essex County.

The joint police investigation Titled Project Helensburgh saw authorities execute nine search warrants at five residences and four vehicles in Windsor, Amherstburg and London on Thursday.

The 11 people involved in the case are accused of conducting illegal online gambling, bookmaking and illicit drug distribution. During the raid, police seized 1kg of cocaine worth $50,000, 16kg of marijuana worth $77,000, two weapons, $6,000 in cash, $45,000 worth of jewellery and two vehicles.

As a result, the suspects, ranging in age from 21 to 43 are charged with:

  • Seventeen illegal gambling related charges
  • Seventeen controlled drugs and substances charges
  • Three counts of possession of property obtain by crime
  • Three counts of extortion with violence
  • Two counts of prohibited weapons offences
  • One other criminal code offence

Police say the bust is a major blow to the illegal drug trade.

“This joint investigation means thousands of dollars have been taken out of major criminal enterprises and prevented illegal drugs from getting into our communities,” said OPP Deputy Commissioner Scott Tod.

The accused are:

  • Matthew Athanasopoulos, 21, of LaSalle
  • Anthony Amante, 23, of LaSalle
  • Adam Wray, 23, of LaSalle
  • Kyle Greening, 23, of Windsor
  • Frank Molle, 24, of Windsor
  • Brooke Doyle, 25, of London
  • Kevin Lauzon, 30, of Windsor
  • Marc Mireault, 33, of Amherstburg
  • Sang Nguyen, 38, of Windsor
  • Tyler Peter Wasileff,  41, of Windsor
  • Adam Zarod, 43, of Windsor

The 11 suspects will now go before a Windsor court on various days.