WINDSOR, ONT. -- An investigation has determined three billboards in Windsor which weren’t removed after the last federal election was called contravened election rules.

Edy Haddad brought the matter to the attention of the Commissioner of Canada Election in September last year.

Haddad contended the billboards — which were in the Windsor West riding of MP Brian Masse — became non-complaint with tagline rules after the writ was dropped on Sept. 11, 2019.

At that point, Masse became a candidate and was subject to different rules.

In a letter to Haddad, an investigator would only say the commissioner intends to proceed using “informal means” — so likely no charges or financial penalty.

“The Commissioner, and those working on his behalf, are subject to strict confidentiality provisions that limit the sharing of investigative details,” the letter explained. “For that reason, only decisions resulting in formal compliance or enforcement action are made public.”

In response, Masse says the billboard was supposed to be taken down when the writ dropped, but one of the companies didn’t do it right away.

He says his campaign proactively complied with the regulations and denies any wrong-doing.

“Neither I, nor my official agent, have had direct communications with Elections Canada on this issue and look forward to this opportunity," Masse says.

He says further information will be shared with Elections Canada to highlight facts he doesn’t believe the entity has at the moment, which will assist in bringing this issue to a conclusion.