A controversial event is returning to Windsor.

Leopard's Lounge plans on hosting dwarf tossing on Saturday night.

Many are upset about the event and speaking out against it. There’s a petition on change.org, calling for dwarf tossing to be banned in Windsor and Detroit.

Allan Redford, president of Little People of Canada, says the moral implications far outweigh the moral rights.

"Allowing dwarf tossing is legitimizing the objectification of little people," Redford says.

He says a perfect example of this is Martin Henderson back from the UK in 2012.

“When he was outside of a bar and some drunken patron came out picked him up and threw him,” says Redford. “There was some reports of him being paralyzed for a while and being seriously injured and this isn't the kind of things that we want to promote obviously."

A protest is also planned outside the strip club on Saturday night.