WINDSOR, ONT. -- Drug-related charges have been stayed against the former president of Crime Stoppers.

Jon-Paul Fuller, 48, was charged with four offences, including: producing/possessing and trafficking a substance, plus using a forged document.

According to court documents, all those charges have been stayed by the Attorney General

The offences date back to 2016. That’s when Essex Provincial Police seized 3,000 mature marijuana plants from a greenhouse at 1935 Fox Run Road in Leamington.

In March 2018, charges were dropped against a co-accused, Doc Van Phan of Leamington.

Prosecutor Martin Park said the Crown decided to stay the proceedings after a court ruling in January that Fuller could not receive a fair trial.

Park said after a review it was determined there was “no responsible prospect of conviction.”

Fuller’s lawyer at that time, Andrew Bradie, argued that witnesses were tainted because information was shared in a public domain.

Bradie told the court that he filed to have the trial suspended because of knowledge acquired by potential witnesses.

He told the court, in the fall of 2019, an officer shared with witnesses that Fuller was going to plead guilty and that they wouldn't have to return.

One of the witnesses went on to post what Justice Renee Pomerance called a colourful message on Facebook that received over 80 comments.

Bradie argued "any contamination of the witnesses in my submission is clearly because of the Crown.”

Bradie retired from law in February.

Fuller then hired Toronto Criminal Lawyer, Graham Zoppi, who said the decision was made during proceedings over Zoom on Oct. 16.

Zoppi added that Fuller is relieved the matter is over.

“Since Mr. Fuller hired me in February he has maintained his innocence and is pleased the charges are behind him and he can move forward,” said Zoppi.