Construction of the Herb Gray Parkway began about three years ago and finally the area is easier to get around.

There are some major openings at the parkway and people are able to walk along Coussineau Drive, something pedestrians didn’t take for granted.

"We're finding it a lot easier to get around. It's nice to have the access to Lasalle and the outlet mall especially,” says Sarah Timm.

Coussineau Drive was closed for nearly a year due to construction of the $1.4 billion parkway.

"We're able to share with the public re-openings, not so much about the closures, more about things moving and nearing completion,” says Cindy Prince, parkway spokesperson.

Another stretch that’s opened and closed multiple times is North Talbot Road bridge. It was officially re-opened over the weekend.

“We’ heard from the community as well. They're very pleased about it too,” Prince says.

With all of these road openings taking place, the biggest diversion to date on the HGP is set to take place. That's when all of the traffic from Highway 401 will be pushed into the roundabout.

“That's going to be difficult; it's going to put a lot of traffic into the roundabout, a feature of the parkway people are just getting acquainted with,” Prince says.

That will happen in early June and last about six months.

Prince says a severe winter and replacement of some 300 girders threw construction off schedule.

"We're getting right back on schedule and we expect that we will have traffic on Highway 401 by the end of the year."

For the next six months, the roundabout connecting to Highway 401 is going to get very busy.

Tips to ease frustration include not changing lanes unless absolutely necessary.

Driving alongside large trucks is also discouraged. And take your time when entering and exiting.