The Windsor Downtown Mission will be merging with Forgotten Harvest Canada.

The anouncement was made Monday via a news release and the realignments of services came into effect April 4.

The program will continue to operate, ensuring food will not be wasted and distributed to those in need.

“The Mission is pleased that we can continue to provide this vital food rescue and security program. This is an important program currently feeding our community with 22 deliveries to schools, 6 food banks, 10 community programs and one shelter. In addition we exchange food with 3 organizations and make occasional deliveries to 6 other organizations as needed. In terms of volume, this program delivers over 1.25 pounds of food to organizations that feed the hungry of Windsor-Essex,” said Ron Dunn Executive Director/CEO, Downtown Mission in a news release.

The Downtown Mission has accepted ownership of Forgotten Harvest’s refrigerated truck, related equipment and will employ the organization’s two staff members.

“The Downtown Mission also rescues food, but on a smaller scale. This new development is an opportunity to expand and improve the efficiency of our food rescue program. Food recovery supplements donations of food to local food banks and helps provide a greater variety of healthy food, especially fresh fruit and vegetables,” added Dunn.