The Downtown Mission is able to see a desire come to life with a new fitness facility.

The Downtown Mission Wellness Centre is opening the Cameron Robert Bell Fitness Centre to provide guests with access to cardio and resistance exercise equipment to help train their bodies, improve their health as well direct their energies into more positive ways to deal with stress and anxiety.

“I've travelled to missions across North America and they almost all have a fitness centre,” says Ron Dunn, executive director at the Downtown Mission.

“We understand that we provide food, shelter and clothing since 1972 and those are all great things, but the community needs more. We're stepping up to do that.”

The Fitness Centre is a partnership between the Mission and St. Clair College Applied Arts & Technology. Students in the program will design and supervise fitness plans to help guests achieve an optimal level of physical fitness and well-being.

“They're doing direct field placement here and getting credit for that at the college,” says Deborah Ivey, fitness and health promotion coordinator.