WINDSOR, ONT. -- Diane Scott says she did not know there were two police officers in her backyard when she let her dog outside Thursday morning.

Scott says she heard the doorbell ring, and the dog came running so she opened the side door to let Chloe out before she answered.

“I put her out in the back so I could answer the front, there were two police officers there,” Scott said. “They were pulling the gate closed and then I heard a shot.”

Her dog Chloe, a nine-year-old Rottweiler-Doberman mix, had been shot by police.

“I open the door thinking no one is in the backyard,” Scott said. “I didn’t know two officers were back there. I put my dog out so naturally she’s going to run to you and say hi. Well they didn’t know that.”

Scott said she was told by officers to check out the situation after they heard shots fired. At this time, the dog was lucid and came into the house running into Scott’s bedroom where she laid on the carpet.

“I called my son and said the ‘dog’s been shot, the dog’s been shot’ and he was frantic,” she said.

One of the officers helped Scott carry Chloe out to put her in the truck and take her to the vet, she said.

Once the arrived, the veterinarian gave Scott a grim warning that Chloe was unlikely to survive the injuries. Scott asked them to keep trying.

Half an hour later she got the call that Chloe did not make it leaving Scott with a vet bill of close to $4,000.

“It was hard, I had tears. It was hard, I’m like this is something you have to get used to,” Scott said. “But how do you get used to it? It’s a family member.”

Scott says the police were at her home to talk with her son’s friend who does not live with them, she does not know what the matter was regarding.

Windsor police issued a news release Thursday night saying they are investigating the incident after a dog was shot and killed while conducting an investigation in the 2700 block of Lynngrove Court around 11 a.m.

Police say officers were acting in accordance with their duties when the dog became aggressive and charged towards them. One of the officers believed his safety was in jeopardy after the dog lunged and attempted to bite multiple times.

That's when the gun was discharged.

Officers gave the dog first aid and transported it to a veterinary clinic for emergency surgery.

The wanted person was arrested at the scene.

Scott says no one was bit during the incident.

Police say they are investigating the incident and any witnesses are asked to contact them.

A GoFundMe has been started to assist with Chloe’s vet bills.

- With files from CTV Windsor's Bob Bellacicco.