A dog owner is speaking out after her pet was killed in an attack by another dog.

Two small dogs were recently killed in separate incidents, after being attacked by a larger dog.

Police and city officials have said they believe the same dog was responsible for both deaths.

One of the victim's and her lawyer say they are looking for answers, as to how this could have happened twice.

Cindy Anne Graham-Stuart and her lawyer Earl Taylor are asking why the suspected dog was not on a muzzle or seized by the city after the first deadly attack.

“Every day I relive it,” says Graham-Stuart. “At night when I would pick her up to put her on the bed with me, she's not there."

Graham-Stuart says she rescued her dog from a shelter in the Toronto area just over a year ago.

"She was a Bichon Frise,” she says. “They are known to be happy go lucky friendly little dogs and she was that and more."

"When you looked into those big dark eyes you just fell in love with her."

Molly weighed about nine pounds and was 11 years old.

"Every day, about four times a day we just come out this door and go to the park," says Graham-Stuart.

But on Thursday, Graham-Stuart says they were only able to take a few steps into Jackson Park.

"I could hear the person yelling, pick up your dog, pick up your dog," she says.

She did, but she could have never imagined what would happen next.

"The dog had come at us and grabbed her leg that was hanging from when I picked her up." 


Graham-Stuart says the woman with the attacking dog was eventually able to get her dog back, but the dog attacked again, pulling Maggie from her arms two more times.

"The dog chased me and Maggie and pushed me down onto the sidewalk in the park and i fractured my elbow. Maggie was under me and the dog reached under me and pulled Maggie out and go her again."

Eventually they were able to free Maggie and a good Samaritan drove them to a veterinary clinic, but it was too late.

"She had been torn apart,” she says. “She was red. She's a pure white dog and completely full of blood."

"I rescued her to give her a better life and it's ironic that in the end she died such a terrible death and I feel so bad about that."

Graham-Stuart and her lawyer are looking for answers.

“We'd like to know why this dog was running loose and why it wasn't muzzled,” says Taylor. “If it was allowed to run loose."

Windsor police have reported that the dog broke free from its leash before the attack, but Graham Stuart says she never saw a leash.

"The dog was not on a leash,” she says. “The dog was not being walked on a leash. There are more people coming forward with information about how the dog had been loose."

After learning that the same dog was allegedly responsible for another death on Feb. 2, Taylor will be looking into what actions were taken.

“I believe the options are under the municipal by-law to either seize or destroy the dog," says Tayor.

Officials with the City of Windsor say their investigation is on-going at this time and they hope to have it wrapped up by mid-week.

Sources have confirmed to CTV News that the dog allegedly responsible for these attacks has been euthanized at a private veterinary clinic.