The Windsor/Essex County Humane Society is seeking information after a dog was found with its muzzle, paws, and neck tightly bound with electrical tape.

A Windsor man was walking his two dogs beside the Canadian Tire on Walker Road when they discovered a small dog lying in the grass on Thursday.

Humane society executive director Melanie Coulter says when their officers responded they found the dog’s muzzle, paws, and neck tightly bound with electrical tape. 

She says the dog was unable to move, having difficulty breathing, and his mouth and paws were extremely swollen.  He was immediately rushed to a veterinarian for care. 

The dog, now named Justice, would likely not have survived more than a few more hours had he not been found, says Coulter.

Even after the tape was removed, he was initially unable to stand, and his mouth remains swollen. 

Since he was rescued in time, veterinarians expect him to eventually make a full recovery. 

Justice is an approximately 7-year-old unneutered male dog.  He is a small breed dog with a cropped tail, weighing only approximately 13 pounds.  He had a pre-existing dental and mouth issue that would have caused him to have foul breath for some time. 

It is believed that he was dumped late Wednesday evening or early Thursday morning.  

Anyone with information about who may have neglected, tortured, and abandoned Justice is asked to call the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society cruelty investigations department at 519-966-5751, ext 16 or Crimestoppers at 519-258-8477

Donations towards Justice’s care may be made to the Humane Society.