WINDSOR - A Windsor man is warning dog owners in the Remington Park area to be careful when walking their furry friend.

Tony Nasr was walking his dog Rufeo on the morning of Oct. 19 when he says a bulldog came from across the road and attacked.

“Broke loose from her hand and charged for the kill,” says Nasr. “Straight to my dog. Grab him by the neck and then start mauling him left and right.”

Nasr says the dog bit the middle finger on his left hand.

Nasr claims it is the same dog, Boo, that attacked Mary Anne Morneau's dog in late August.

“She tried feebly to punch the dog. Was yelling at the dog Boo let go let go,” says Mary Anne Marleau.

Another Remington Park resident and dog owner Jim Morneau is concerned the same dog may have attacked another dog twice, in just over two months.

“We shouldn't have to tolerate,” says Morneau. “The Humane Society should have more rights to take them away when that stuff happens.”

Nasr says the attack wasn't the first time he and Rufeo have seen Boo.

“His growls were so aggressive that I grabbed my dog in my hands and I walked away,” says Nasr.

Nasr has six stitches and no feeling in his finger. Rufeo sustained deep lacerations to his neck and upper torso, has over 30 stitches and has gone through two surgeries.

He claims the vet bill is close to $4,000 and counting.

“We keep on taking him every morning to the vet so they can give him his meds and check him out,” he says.

Nasr wants the dog owner to take responsibility.

“I will not rest until I know that this dog has been dealt with and the owner is held responsible,” adds Nasr.

The by-law enforcement department tells CTV News that the matter is still under investigation.

They hope to have the case wrapped up by the end of next week.

In the meantime, Rufeo is scheduled to see the vet for the next couple of weeks.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Nasr with the costs.