WINDSOR, ONT -- Don’t be alarmed if your doctor or nurse is wearing a hat today at Windsor Regional Hospital; it is Hats on for Healthcare Day.

Health care leaders are encouraging staff and the community to support the hospital by wearing a hat; any hat will do.

Over 11 years the event has raised $350,000 to support the hospital’s Critical Care Unit.

Vice President of critical care Karen Riddell says they plan to spend the money on “three different types of equipment.”

Two are specialized ventilators; one is for patients who need to be moved within the hospital or between campuses while a second ventilator is MRI-compatible.

“So we don’t have to have a staff member in there providing air way support for the patient. The patient can be ventilated in the MRI,” Riddell said.

The third piece of equipment is a special dialysis machine for dialysis patients.

“Within the ICU we offer a special type of dialysis,” Riddel said. “Instead of running a few days a week or a couple of times a day, actually runs continuously 24-7.”

Riddell is grateful for the entire community’s support of this fundraising initiative.

“All of our sickest patients in Windsor Essex and up to Chatham come through our intensive care units.”