WINDSOR, ONT. -- Artist Jermaine Baylis felt disrespected when he heard a mural he and his brother created for the Town of Sandwich had been defaced.

"It’s very disappointing, disheartening that someone would stop to that level," said Baylis.

The mural at Patterson Park in Sandwich near Detroit Street celebrates the town’s black history.

Someone spray painted a blue blotch on the face of Howard Walkins who is known as the country’s second African-Canadian detective.

Ward 2 City Councillor, Fabio Costante says Windsor police have been notified and are investigating.

Upon further inspection Costante also noticed a couple of dents and a long scratch mark on the mural which was relocated to its current home a couple of years ago.

"So many people were invested and involved in this project and to see some people try to ruin it is disheartening. It’s not Windsor at its best." said Costante.

He worries after a plaque commemorating the lives of Henry and Mary Bib was stolen last month which could cost thousand to replace.

"There’s some activity happening. Don’t know if it’s connected or not but it’s certainly troubling and concerning."

Costante is not the only one worried. Terry Kennedy is a history advocated for the town and feels the defacing, along with vandalism on a soon to be mural celebrating the town’s French history is a disgrace.

"If I have to use this as an opportunity to warn people in other parts of the city their heritage sites are also in danger because of ignorance," said Kennedy.

Baylis says he’ll be in Windsor next week to fix the mural and is hoping the city can help protect the town’s history.

"It would be great to see some protection on these murals and other murals."