Windsor mayoral candidates Drew Dilkens, Larry Horwitz and John Millson have each released a full list of contributors to their campaigns.

The largest contributor on Dilkens' list is Dilkens himself, who put $30,000 towards his mayoral campaign.

The remainder of the list includes over 85 private citizens and more than 65 companies, with donations ranging from $100 to $750.

Officials say the list is complete as of Oct. 15.

In a statement Dilkens said "Our fundraising efforts have been very successful to date and we continue to work hard to expect additional support in the coming days."

Millson meanwhile has put $25,000 towards his own campaign, and lists a total of $89,599 in donations - meaning $64,599 came from more than 130 citizen and company donors.

 Late Thursday afternoon, Horwitz released his contribution figures. In total, the list shows six businesses and 42 individuals, who contributed just over $13,000. Horwitz wouldn't say how much he has personally spent on his campaign.

Earlier this week, mayoral candidate Robin Easterbrook posted the names of the donors to his campaign on his website, and challenged others to do the same.

His donations totalled about $1,200, not including his own contributions, which he has not yet released.