WINDSOR, ONT. -- The advocacy group, Justice for Migrant Workers is planning a Digital Day of Action, Sunday at 10:00 a.m.

With more than one hundred attendees registered, the one hour event will include emails, calls, petition signing and the use of social media to put pressure on all levels of government to push for migrant worker issues. 

With COVID-19 continuing to impact workers’ lives on a daily basis, organizers hope to push for the changes migrant workers have been calling for decades around the seasonal agricultural worker program. 

"It’s really important more now than ever because of the way that the pandemic has exasperated the conditions that workers are facing. That isn’t to say this problem hasn’t been around for years. It’s important because it’s something that migrant workers have been pushing for changes around for so long and now we are at this point in history that we have the opportunity to make these big impact together," says J4MW organizer, Jade Guthrie.

The J4MW advocacy group say they want a complete structural overhaul that isn’t imbedded in the systems of racism and colonialism. 

"We want to start conversations around why it is that so few Canadians know who it is that grows their food. We want to talk about the deplorable housing condition that migrant workers face, why they fear about speaking up against unsafe workplaces," says Guthrie.

If you’re interested in participating in the J4MW Digital Day of Action, you are asked to register online.