There are varying opinions about where the new Windsor Public Library branch should be located.

The library board this week approved in principle the functional plan for the new central branch.

“It’s been a two-year process to evaluate what the community saw what they needed in a library and then to do the evaluation, get some high level costing and get it in front of the board,” says CEO Kitty Pope.

That plan calls for a 70,000 square foot facility that would cost more than $38-million.

But Pope tells CTV Windsor that cost could climb to $45-million, depending on the location.

“It could be a $2-million piece of property, it could be a $4-million piece of property,” admits Pope. “That's kind of the unknown at this time so we say building in 38 and then add the property on top of it.”

Many people CTV News spoke with have different thoughts on where the new library should be built.

One person suggested it should be close to the riverfront.

Another resident says he would support any location that gives children easier access to the library’s resources.

The current library building on Ouellette Ave. was sold to the Downtown Mission for $3.6-million. The deal will close in June 2019.

The central branch will be temporarily located in the new city hall, and another resident believes that would be an ideal location for a new library.

Another idea being considered is to build the new library near the International Aquatic Centre.

The proposal will now go to city council for approval.

If approved, a new library branch could be complete by 2026.