It's still standing, but not for much longer.

Preparations are underway for a fourth attempt to demolish the smokestack at the former GM transmission plant.

Three attempts to implode the smokestack on Monday were unsuccessful after a malfunction.

John Revell, Windsor's chief building official, said, "The smokestack itself is incredibly strong. It's got an unbelievable amount of steel in it. It's just beyond what they anticipated."

The smokestack at the former GM transmission plant can be seen leaning slightly after three attempted implosions in Windsor, Ont. on Monday, Aug. 10, 2015.

Dozens had gathered to watch the implosion and police had shut down several streets, but despite a loud bang and some smoke, the smokestack remained standing.

In fact, about a meter of concrete was blown out of the base and the remainder dropped almost straight down.

Revell added, "What's happened is the smokestack was actually lifted by the last detonation, it lifted it up and set it back down basically on its own foundation, so it is leaning slightly but we believe it's secure."

Now the demolition company, Global Recycling and Recovery, is making plans to try again, possibly as early as Friday.