The trial of two Brampton men continued today in Windsor, with defence lawyers arguing the shooting victim is a reliable witness.

But the lawyer for Shadrack Amankwa suggests the Crown attorney has failed to prove beyond any doubt that he was even in the bar on the night Devonte Pierce was shot.

Pierce is described as an honest, forthcoming, an exceptional witness, by the defence lawyers for the men accused in his shooting.

Julie Santarossa even asked Justice J.P. Howard to consider pierce a credible and reliable witness, but he says even Pierce didn't actually see the person who shot him and he didn't directly identify either 27-year-old Amankwa or 22-year-old Kevin Nyadu - the two Brampton men now on trial.

On Oct. 5, Pierce, a bouncer, was removing a group of men from the Boom Boom Room. He testified earlier at trial, that he removed a man dressed in red with a red hat from the bar, when he was shot in the back.

Santarossa went through each eye witness, including the bar manager and owner. Each witness had different descriptions of Amankwa, including describing him as being bald, when in fact he had corn rows on the night of the shooting. And no one, Santarossa contends, matched his clothing.

Santarossa told the court not one single person talked about this bold, blue and white paisley shirt Amankwa was wearing.

Santarossa said to Justice Howard you can't pick and choose, pieces of identification to make a person. She went on to say there is no evidence Amankwa was even in the bar that night, nor was he anywhere near the front entrance when the gun was fired.

Amankwa is accused of taking the hand gun used to shoot Pierce and hiding it behind a bush near the bar, but there was no gunshot residue on his hands and Amankwa's fingerprints were not found on it.

Santarossa told the court some man's DNA is on that firearm.