An agreement has been reached for the sale of Leamington's junior hockey team.

Abe Fehr says the final sale of the Flyers is pending approval from the Greater Ontario Junior Hockey League and the Ontario Hockey Association, but he doesn't expect any challenges.

Fehr tells CTV Windsor he found ownership of the hockey club for the last eight years a lot of work and adds he wants to pursue other interests.

Fehr wouldn't disclose a dollar amount for the deal.

However, he feels the new owners have the team and community's best interests at heart.

The Junior B hockey team has been purchased by a group of five local businessmen; Jason Melo, Dan Jancevski, Cam Crowder, David Halliwill, and Craig Mahon.

The consortium intend to keep the team in Leamington and build on Fehr's success - as the Flyers won two league championships and made four consecutive trips to the finals.