CHATHAM, ONT. -- The jury found the pilot was to blame after a civil trial into the Pelee Island plane crash and awarded a small portion of the damages being sought.

The six-person jury determined Captain Wayne Price was at fault for the crash on Jan. 17, 2004 that killed all people on board, including Price.

The jury delivered the verdict on late Friday night following three weeks of testimony at the Ontario Superior Court of Justice in Chatham.

The plaintiffs, family members of the victims, were awarded $345,000 in punitive and aggravated damages. They were seeking $5.8 million in damages.

“I believe this case has provided some additional answers as to why this crash occurred,” says family member Michael Brisco. “That, in part, has provided my family with some closure."

The estate of Bob Brisco and his brother Paul were suing several defendants, including Georgian Express Limited and the Owen Sound Transportation Company for aggravated and punitive damages.

Bob Brisco, 46, was one of eight hunters who died in the crash.

His brother, Paul Brisco, was awarded $20,000 for the loss of care, guidance and companionship. He was seeking $50,000.

The Brisco estate was seeking $25,000, which the jury agreed with.

The jury imposed a financial penalty of $300,000 against Price’s estate. The plaintiffs were seeking $1 million.

Even though the plaintiffs wanted $4 million in punitive damages against Georgian Express, there was no financial penalty laid against Georgian Express or OSTC.