The provincially-appointed supervisor to the Windsor Essex Catholic District School Board is taking into consideration additional cost-saving measures to eliminate the board's deficit.

About $1.1 million would be saved through the elimination of nine full-time positions as a result of attrition, according to a report prepared by director of education Paul Picard. 

“All of the heads at the various sections of the board are convinced that we've made enough advancements in processes and technologies and so forth to be able to provide the same level of service that we provide with that kind of downsizing,” says supervisor Norbert Hartmann.

The report also showed the elimination of benefits for those over the age of 65 would result in a $1.4-million surplus.

Hartmann will now take these recommendations into consideration and will make his final decision on the budget by June 18.

The Ontario English Catholic Teachers Association says the wrong people are taking the hit.

“If in fact that is the law and they should have post-retirement benefits why was the director not on top of that when he came in,” says Brian Hogan, president OECTA local Windsor/Essex. “What about the HR department that's been around for years? What about legal counsel that's been around for years? Those people should have been on that if that was indeed the case."