WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Town of Lasalle has approved its most recent changes to its non traditional crosswalk policy.

The policy states a requestor must be a resident of Lasalle.

If it’s an organization or group, a representative must also reside in the town.

“I’m in favour of a policy and as long as we keep it fair and unbiased,” says LaSalle mayor Marc Bondy.

The policy states proposed markings should celebrate culture, history and events.

No proposal will be approved that represents commercial, religious or political organizations.

The requestor will be responsible for all cost difference between white paint and non-traditional design.

“It’s still council’s decision whatever crosswalk recommendation comes forward. Whether it’s the one we’ve discussed already or a separate one it’s still councils decision to say yay or nay,” says Bondy.

Last year, LaSalle town council delayed a decision to paint a rainbow crosswalk at the intersection of Normandy and Malden.