The key witness in the assault trial of Windsor police Const. Kent Rice faced some tough questions on Thursday as he continued to be cross-examined.

Rice was charged last year for allegedly hitting and a kicking a man in an apartment hallway on February 22, 2012.

On Wednesday the alleged victim, 22-year-old Gladson Chinyangwa, told the court he believed Const. Kent Rice singled him out at a party because of his colour.

During his cross-examination, defence lawyer Andrew Bradie asked why he never mentioned this when giving his statement to police or the Office of the Independent Police Review Director.

He replied "I thought I did."

Bradie had the witness review his past statements saying "You don't mention anything like that in your statement," to which Chinyangwa replied "Yes. I did not."

Bradie suggested the witness was threatening to spit on Rice, “You made a hawk sound and were going to spit."

"No," said Chinyangwa.

Bradie replied "The reason you were struck is because you were compliant with the arrest."

Chinyangwa insisted he was cooperating.  

The defence asked if Chinyangwa thought he could get money out of the incident. He said no. But then Bradie read a message he wrote on his Facebook account after a friend suggested he sue police.

It reads "lmao already been there, about to get pay n blow up like the world trade! So if u need change n tha future hit me up dawg lol."

When asked though, the witness said he has not initiated civil proceedings.

In the afternoon Windsor police Const. Sean Martin, who attended the scene with Rice, said Chinyangwa was removed from the apartment due to his disruptive behaviour. Adding Chinyangwa called the police racists in a verbally abusive way. 

The crown is expected to wrap up its case Friday.