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Crime Stoppers Report: Search continues for missing Windsor women

Update: Police reported Gabrielle Vinall's body was found and identified in the Fighting Island area on June 7, 2023.

Windsor police and Crime Stoppers are looking for more tips to help find two missing women.

Gabrielle Marie Vinall has been missing since January 2023 and Krystine Scott has been missing since November 2021.

These cases are believed to be unrelated.

Windsor police Const. Ron Bercovici, who earned a Chief’s Recognition Coin for helping advance the missing persons program, has the latest in the Crime Stoppers Report:

Q: Vinall hasn't been seen since Jan. 5, what is the latest in this case?

A: Currently, the Major Crime Unit is diligently exploring several leads in connection with Gabrielle’s disappearance. Unfortunately, I cannot delve into detail, due to the sensitivity of information. However, I can say the unit is focusing on tip information generated from the latest public appeal for assistance.Gabrielle Marie Vinall, 19, has not been seen by friends or family since Jan. 5, 2023. (Courtesy: Andrea North)

Q: Let's remind our viewers of what Gabrielle looks like.

A:She is about 5’7” with a thin build, hazel eyes and shoulder length reddish-brown hair, but she is known to change her appearance.

Q: Scott is 31 years old and has been missing for about a year and a half. What can you tell us about this investigation?

A: Similar to the Vinall case.. our Major Crime Unit remains actively engaged in this investigation. The Windsor Police Service will never close an unresolved case and is committed to bringing these vulnerable persons home to their families, or at the very least, bring closure.

Q: Scott is five-feet tall, and weighs approximately 90 pounds. How else is she described?

A: Krystine has long blonde hair, brown eyes, and a tattoo of a butterfly on her upper back. The style and colour of her hair may have changed since she was last seen in person.

Q: I understand there was an extensive search related to the Scott case about two months ago.Windsor police and the Joint Emergency Command Unit investigating near E.C. Row Expressway and Central Avenue in Windsor, Ont., on Monday, March 6, 2023. (Travis Fortnum/CTV News Windsor)

A: Yes on EC Row Avenue on March 6 and 7 the Windsor Police Search and Rescue Team, and other specialized officers, engaged in a thorough two-day search of the area. Although the effort was extensive and thorough, no evidence was found. Notwithstanding, the service continues to pursue other lead information.

Q: What should people do if they have information that could be helpful in finding them?

A:There is a cash reward for any information that results in locating Gabrielle or Krystine. The cash reward is offered as an incentive for the community to come forward with information that might help us solve these cases.Police are offering up to $20,000 for information that results in locating Krystine Scott. (Source: Windsor police)

Q: How does the missing persons program help the families involved in these cases?

A: The Windsor Police Service is committed to Families-Left-Behind. We are empathetic to their circumstance and we will never leave them unsupported. Our goal is to connect families and individuals to community resources, including mental health specialists, or other appropriate social services. We do this by employing a public health style holistic model – a wraparound approach. To sum up, we engage, we connect, we support - no matter the background, without bias and with special care to our diverse community. Top Stories

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