WINDSOR, ONT. -- Windsor and Essex County Crime Stoppers is giving residents extra incentive to help catch porch pirates this holiday season.

Being the busiest shopping time of the year, Crime Stoppers says they want to help make sure that residents’ packages stay safe.

Crime Stoppers is offering a guaranteed reward of $150 during the month of December for information that leads to the identity of a Porch Pirate or the recovery of stolen property.

The organization is reminding everyone that taking simples steps can help reduce porch theft:

When possible, require a signature for all your packages so they won’t be left on the doorstep

If possible, use a delivery locker or pickup location if you know you will be out of town

Adding personal security measures such as a front door camera or motion-activated lights can help deter or catch thieves

Having your packages delivered to your workplace, if feasible.