WINDSOR -- Canada Revenue Agency workers are moving back into their building after months of review and another million dollars in reinforcement work.

More than 300 government employees, most who work for the CRA, left the building at 441 University Ave. W. at the end of June due to safety concerns over vibrating floors.

That departure came just months after $11 million in renovations to the building in the fall.

The federal government called the evacuation "precautionary" and had three engineering reports done to pinpoint the concerns.

Doug Gaetz, a vice president with the Union of Taxation Employees, says the building is now deemed safe.

"Although I wish it never had happened, it's probably a good indication of how things should work when you're dealing with union and management and occupational health and safety," says Gaetz. "I do commend the employer for due diligence and hard work in this also"

Public Services and Procurement Canada sats work was completed last week and consisted of reinforcing 54 beams and 13 girders, as well as installing 30 additional posts. All the work was completed on the second floor. The total costs for this reinforcement project was $1.02 million.

The costs for the engineering reviews of the building have been estimated at more than $80,000.

The CRA staff has been working out of temporary offices or at home since the end of June.