A LaSalle councillor is hoping for more answers after a dog was killed by a coyote in the town.

During Tuesday's council meeting, Jeff Renaud asked town administration for a report on how to best manage urban coyotes.

He also wants to address the questions of Lori Quaggiotto, whose pet was killed by coyote in her LaSalle backyard.

Renaud tells CTV News he's has heard from a few residents in the past year expressing their concerns.

“A lot of times when you, like myself, when you back onto a natural area they're out there,” says Renaud. “I hear them in the summer all the time, so there's things you have to do as a resident to mitigate against these things.”

Renaud would also like to hear from a representative with the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry.

The issue was raised four years ago and information on how to deal with coyotes remains on the town’s website.