A great grandfather in Windsor, found guilty of aggravated assault, will soon learn his fate.

Sentencing submissions were heard in Windsor court Thursday for Kenneth Sparks.

Sparks, 62, was found guilty of aggravated assault and assault with a weapon earlier this year.

Court heard Sparks was drinking with two women at an apartment on Ottawa St. in 2015 when a fight broke out, and Sparks stabbed a woman three times and then hit another, his ex-girlfriend, on the head with a pipe. 

Sparks denied hurting either of them, maintaining his innocence throughout the trial.

Defence lawyer Laura Joy says the judge must consider there was no pre-meditation, Sparks remained on scene after the offence and she says he's remorseful.

Sparks has a lengthy criminal record with multiple jail sentences for various offences.  But Joy argues there was a long gap when he kept the peace. His last conviction was for a 1993 sexual assault.

Crown attorney George Spartinos says the criminal record speaks for itself, saying sparks has "stepped it up."

Spartinos is seeking a five-year jail term because of the seriousness of the offence.  He says there was no element of self-defence. "It was an unprovoked attack on two women who were significantly smaller than him."

The defence is asking for a range of nine-months to two-years less a day, minus credit for time already served under strict bail conditions.

Justice Thomas Carey is expected to hand down his sentence June 3.