Closing submissions have been heard in the trial of a Windsor doctor charged with multiple counts of sexual assault and one count of extortion.

Dr. Ravi Shenava, 67, opted not to take the stand in his defense. Instead, the psychiatrist’s lawyers focused on the credibility of the alleged victim.

The woman, who cannot be identified due to a publication ban, claims the doctor sexually assaulted her on five occasions in 2012 and 2015 as she wanted to get medical approval for a disability application.

Defence lawyer David Humphrey dismissed her accusations, citing her immoral character and past behaviour and her repeated lies on the stand.

Humphrey noted in court Wednesday "there were times she was lying about lying."

Court heard the complainant has a history of drug trafficking, and admitted on the stand to more than 800 car thefts and multiple break-and-enters.

Even Crown Attorney Jennifer Holmes admitted the complainant likely over-shared on the stand, but said her testimony had a ring of truth to it.

Holmes said "she's been one of the most honest dishonest witnesses I've ever seen."

Holmes told Justice Renee Pomerance the crown is "putting their eggs into the reliability basket,” and her story was too specific to make up.

Holmes alleges Dr. Shenava knew of her criminal past and mental health issues and exploited them.

Justice Pomerance will render a decision on Dec. 22.

Dr. Shenava is also accused of sexually assaulting five other women. Their cases will be heard in a separate trial yet to be scheduled.