Municipal officials in Chatham-Kent are again, exploring ways to reduce the annual invasion of crows.

Every year, when the temperature drops, crows crowd Chatham. Thousands of the nuisance birds fly into the City when the sun goes down.

One woman proclaims “they look so big, they look like little turkeys.”

The City has spent millions of dollars to try and reduce the crow population, but nothing has worked.

In fact, the debate over what to do about the crows has also become as annual event.

Last month, Chatham's top municipal official suggested a crow cull, but that has ruffled the feathers of a few councillors.

In years past, birds of prey, noise makers, and garbage container by-laws have been utilized.

Resident John Cryderman suggests the municipality try alternative measures, such as ultrasonic sound waves.

Municipal staff will present a new crow report at the next council meeting.