Another heated council meeting in Essex on Monday night.

This time, Councillor Randy Voakes put a motion forward requesting Mayor Ron McDermott to step down.

According to AM800, Voakes made the request at the start of the meeting before council approved the agenda.The mayor ejected Voakes from council chambers at the June 20 meeting.

After the meeting, McDermott spoke to reporters, including AM800's Rob Hindi.

"He's a joke,” McDermott told AM800. “He's a joke, you people cover all of these meetings, every other week, how many times out of 10 do we have a problem with him seven, maybe only six, maybe eight, there it is tonight step down.”

Voakes explained his side to AM800.

"The truth is the leadership at the top is missing some value to it that needs to be re-assessed and re-considered and that's why I asked the mayor if he would take opportunity consider stepping down," says Voakes.

McDermott says he will not resign.

Voakes says an integrity commissioner will assess the situation on July 18 and will come back to council with recommendations. These are actions McDermott says he welcomes.