WINDSOR, ONT. -- A community improvement plan for the west side of Windsor is ready for council’s blessing.

The plan calls for targeted investments and tax incentives to re-develop both University Avenue and Wyandotte Street West.

According to the document headed for council next Monday, the city is looking to improve active transportation, transit routes and ultimately unlock the economic potential of these main streets.

Mayor Drew Dilkens believes this will be an exercise in ‘place-making’, providing a refreshed way to look at the areas, possibly with a Parisian mix of ground-floor commercial and upper level residential spaces.

Dilkens says community improvement plans have been highly successful in other parts of the city and he sees loads of potential in this one, as well.

“You can put your mind to you, you can think of what it would become,” says Dilkens. “This community improvement plan and the look of Wyandotte and University was really about putting a plan together that says ‘here’s what we think of vision of these roadways are’ and how they can improve connections between downtown and the west side.”

If approved, council will discuss how to fund the plan in February.