WINDSOR, ONT -- The legalization of marijuana in Canada has inspired some to take their kush to the kitchen.

“We never knew how interested people were about cooking with cannabis until we started seeing the cookbooks flying off the shelves,” says Sam Katzman, owner of Greentown Cannabis.

The growing popularity has prompted Greentown Cannabis to host a second live cannabis cooking demonstration.

“People spoke before about cannabis cookies or cannabis brownies, but as the industry has evolved more recipes have been discovered,” says Katzman.

 On Wednesday night’s menu, Chef Dave Nugent put a twist on the classic macaroni and cheese.

”Because of AGCO guidelines you can’t have cannabis oil open in the store so we are using olive oil to substitute cannabis oil, the customer would use at home,” says Katzman.

 This is Grant Hamad’s first time attending the interactive cannabis cooking class.

 “I think it’s really interesting. I like the hand on of the cooking class and just being able to come in a see how is done. They highlight all the different recipes from their cookbook and show really anybody can cook with it if they wanted to,” says Hamad.

Nugent says there are many ways you can cook with cannabis oil other than smoking.

“You can make your salad dressing if you want with some cannabis oil in it, you can bake with it in the butter. However you want to ingest it,” says Nugent.

“A lot of times it’s a healthier alternative to a lot of other stuff people are cooking and it’s a great way you can ingest your cannabis that way,” says Katzman.