WINDSOR, ONT. -- A Ward 7 candidate in this year’s by-election is apologizing after controversial comments he made online resurfaced last week.

Igor Dzaic admits his choice of words wasn’t the greatest.

“I’m facing my community, the city of Windsor and saying I made a mistake,” says Dzaic.

The 30-year-old has come under fire recently, for comments he made on social media in the past. The comments have been posted on twitter, by @ward7watch.

Some calling the comments homophobic and transphobic.

In one tweet, Dzaic says:

“There are 2 genders, and climate change is real. You telling kids they are some ‘gender fluid non-binary pronto-human’ is insanity and fantasy.”

tweets Igor Dzaic

Another reads:

“Imagine thinking that to be a woman all you have to do is say you are and get a few surgeries, even though you’re a man.”

“I don’t subscribe to erasing the identities of woman and I don’t find my post to be transphobic whatsoever,” Dzaic tells CTV Windsor.

Dzaic also posted a controversial tweet on Mother’s Day, saying:

“It is ‘Mother’s Day’ key word: Mother (biological female)"

Igor Dzaic tweetsaz

“Whether your family is a husband or wife, a single mother, a single father, you have no guardian, whether it’s two men or two women, I wish you the best in life,” Dzaic said on Sunday.

He has pushed back against accusations of homophobia, noting he supports the LGBTQ2+ community, calling to dismiss the ban on gay blood donation.

“if we have the medical technology to do so, by all means,” he said. “If we don’t let’s work towards that.”

Dzaic addressed his comments Friday, on Facebook. He acknowledged the comments were made and can be considered highly offensive.

In an email to CTV News, fellow candidate Howard Weeks called for Dzaic to ‘remove himself’ from the race.

Dzaic is one of 12 candidates running in the Ward 7 by-election, and says he’s staying in the race.

“Don’t throw stones in glass houses. we all make mistakes,” he said. “I faced mine in front of my community like a man. I don’t hide behind a faceless account like a coward.”