WINDSOR, ONT. -- Another Chatham-Kent school has a confirmed case of COVID-19.

Chatham-Kent Public Health has notified the Lambton Kent District School Board that there is a confirmed case of COVID-19 in the McNaughton Avenue Public School community.

A post on the board’s website says Chatham-Kent Public Health is working closely with the school community and is contacting any individuals (students and staff) who may have been in potential contact with the virus.

The school remains open. A letter was issued to parents and guardians at the school.

There have been at least three other reports of COVID-19 at Chatham-Kent schools.

CK Public Health is asking parents to continue to monitor their children for symptoms of COVID-19.

There are 32 active COVID-19 cases in Chatham-Kent, with three people in hospital. Overall there has been a total of 406 cases and three deaths since the beginning of the pandemic.