A simple sidewalk and an act of generosity will mean a very different summer for a family in Maidstone.

Westcott Concrete decided to build a new sidewalk for free for the Lamont family.

It will allow Lilah Lotus to play outside in her wheelchair.

The three year-old suffers from an incurable condition called spinal muscular atrophy. It's a genetic disease that damages the child's ability to move, leading to paralysis and often death.

Lilah was given 12 months to live at the age of nine months, but has been improving every day.

Lilah’s story hit home for Sam Bazzi of Westcott Concrete when he came by the house to give the family a quote for a new sidewalk.

“It’s scary to me when you think of anything happening to your children,” says Bazzi.

Just five minutes after visiting the house, Bazzi offered to do the job for free.

“Of course, I started crying and I said, ‘I don't know what to say', says Nicole Lamont, Lilah’s mother. “Then he kind of said, ‘Well say yes so we can start the work!’”

“The spirit that Nicole was in, the energy that she has, trying to stay positive all the time around Lilah. It was pretty inspiring and we really wanted to do whatever we could to help out,” adds Bazzi.

“It’s very emotional and exciting all in one to know that you know Lilah, she's going to be able to do all the same things her brother can, and go to the same places and we can do all that together as a family,” says Lamont.

Bazzi isn't the first person Lilah has inspired.

Dozens of people attended the Hope for Lilah Walk on Sunday at Malden Park.

Lamont stressed the benefits of early pregnancy screenings to help catch and treat spinal muscular atrophy sooner.

The family also continues to push for a cure and better access to the new, promising Spinraza treatment.

The drug’s producer Biogen has paid for Lilah’s treatments through its early access program.