The Progressive Conservative MPP for Chatham Kent Essex fears hunting season across the region may be in jeopardy.

Rick Nicholls is worried about reports that a wind company is calling for a hunting ban near turbines due to vandalism and safety concerns.

Nicholls says "that could have a devastating effect on hunting throughout the entire province."

Engie – which operates several wind farms in Chatham-Kent – sent letters in February to the owners of properties where turbines are located, after two incidents involving gunfire.

One of the incidents was nearly 11 years ago, the other last January. In one case, a turbine blade was damaged by bullets.

John Cryderman of Chatham has organized Ontario Gun and Knife shows, and is an official gun verifier for Ottawa.

Cryderman believes the majority of local hunters are responsible gun owners and he tells CTV News “a ban would be negative.”

Engie spokesperson Bonnie Hiltz says the company isn't requesting a ban -- simply clear communication for safety’s sake.

Hiltz says "it's caused us great concern for the safety of our employees and the contractors that services those sites."

Nicholls feels they should be punishing the vandals, not the hunters.

Hiltz adds Engie will be contacting landowners again before the regular hunting season begins this fall.