WINDSOR, ONT. -- Healthcare leaders are worried by the slowing demand for vaccines, across all age categories.

“It came too early for us.” Medical Officer of Health Dr Wajid Ahmed tells CTV News Windsor.

Dr. Ahmed anticipated the plateau would appear when 70 per cent of the population was fully vaccinated.

As of late Thursday, just 65 per cent of eligible residents are fully vaccinated.

“We did very well during the third wave (of the pandemic). We don’t want to see any fourth wave in our community.” Says Dr. Ahmed.

Its not only a problem in Windsor-Essex.

Dr. Peter Juni, scientific director of the Ontario science advisory table says they are seeing the same trend across the province.

“We had a peak of roughly 250,000 doses per day and we’re now more like at 150,000 doses per day, on average, in the province.” Says Dr. Juni.

Officials with Windsor Regional Hospital also say they’re concerned by the slowing uptake in vaccinations.

“We are seeing in recent days numbers well below a thousand,” says spokesperson Steve Erwin “We have a facility behind me at Devonshire Mall which has the capacity for up to 2,500 vaccinations a day.”


Vaccination rates across Windsor-Essex

To entice new recipients, the mass vaccination clinics are now accepting walk-in appointments for both first and second doses.

And, Erwin says residents will be offered all vaccines, including Pfizer.

“If that is what’s holding you back from getting your first or second dose, please don’t let that be the issue. Please come.“ says Erwin.

Essex County pharmacist Tim Brady says its not as hectic now, as it was back in the Spring when the pilot project rolled out in hot spots.

“This is really the first time in four months we haven’t had a wait list.” Says Brady.

Brady wants people to know they will gladly answer any and all questions residents may have about their vaccine hesitancy.

“I’m glad people are asking before they just go blindly, but this isn’t a two-sided story. The science is get the shot. Theres no other side to it.” Says Brady.

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