WINDSOR, ONT. -- The Town of LaSalle is looking for community feedback on its planned waterfront project along the Detroit River.

The LaSalle Small Coast Waterfront Project plans to be a connected, multi-amenity site that “captures the rich history and culture of LaSalle.”

"Phase 1 of the project included the acquisition of the lands needed to complete the vision. Seven additional properties have been secured, and together, with the existing holdings, will provide for a waterfront park of approximately 65 Acres," Kevin Miller, director of special projects, said in a news release.

The area will offer a mix use of indoor and outdoor space with a walkable parkland in an active and passive recreation environment linking buildings and landscape, the town says. It will also be a sustainable and technology infused environment “welcoming all ages and abilities.”

The project includes a 30,000 square foot event centre at the former Westport Marina site, leisure zones offering passive areas will indigenous plants and landscape as well as a sports zone which will upgrade the current courts at the site.

Plans include a summer water splash pad/fountain that will convert to an ice skating feature in the winter. There will be trails connecting the site from one end to the other as well as a relocated boat launch and a historic area featuring the house built by the first Mayor of LaSalle in the 1920s.

The site will be an accessible and interactive area celebrating the town’s English, French and Indigenous cultures.

The Town of LaSalle will be releasing a series of videos to share project information between Wednesday and Monday, March 1. A survey and polls will also be shared asking for the community’s feedback on the concepts.

TheTown will be using PlaceSpeak to share information on the LaSalle Small Coast Waterfront Project. The platform will give the community the chance to share their thoughts with town administration.

Feedback about the project will be accepted until March. 1. 

The use PlaceSpeak, residents will need to create an account one time and then will have access to other Town of LaSalle consultation projects as well as projects posted to the platform by other organizations.

Residents can learn more about the project by visiting the Small Coast Waterfront Project’s PlaceSpeak.