The aftermath of the two devastating tornadoes to hit Windsor and LaSalle has brought out the best in local residents.

Strangers have volunteered their time, online and in-person, to help tornado victims clean up debris from their homes and businesses.

Holly Noble grew up on Riberdy Road in Windsor, and she tells CTV News watching the damage left by the tornado “really hits home when it’s in your backyard.”

Noble has a pick-up truck and a brother and friends who have nothing but time right now, to help others in need.

Noble admits she has received several requests from people looking for help in clearing up debris. But she says many people have also come forward, to lend a helping hand.

Noble calls the community effort “heartwarming.”

Many companies have also offered services to help tornado victims get back on their feet as quickly as possible.

Maureen Taylor at Zehr’s in LaSalle says they have handed out nearly 40 cases of water along with food to tornado victims in the Victory Street area.

Taylor tells CTV Windsor “it really tugs at your heart strings and the residents have all come together, helping each other to clean up and regroup.”

Environment Canada says a F1 tornado hit LaSalle, near Victory Street and Front Road around 7:06 p.m. on Wednesday, with peak winds between 135 and 175 km/h. The maximum width of damage was 250 to 300 metres and the length of the track was two kilometres.

A F2 tornado hit Windsor near E-C Row between Walker Road and Central Avenue with peak winds between 200 and 220 km/h. The maximum width of this tornado was 200 metres and the length of the track was eight kilometres.