WINDSOR, ONT. -- Commercial air service has resumed at Windsor International Airport.

Two Air Canada flights took off Tuesday, though the first was delayed for nearly two hours because of a mechanical issue.

“People are complying, we’re getting traffic through. We had a good flight in this morning,” YQG Inc. CEO Mark Galvin says the main terminal is now open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. with hours’ subject to change depending on service expansion. “Obviously we want to see the terminal active with seven, 10, 12 flights a day and we know that’s going to take some time.”

Travellers will see some changes to the main terminal, including partitions at counters, dedicated entrance and exits and new hand sanitization stations. Only ticketed passengers are encouraged to enter the import terminal and face masks or coverings must be worn at all times.

“Our job really here is to make sure the terminal is welcoming give travellers peace of mind have a lot of ability for them to know where they’re going get people in and out fast and as safely as we possibly can,” Galvin says.

He tells CTV News airport staff will continue to make adjustments where necessary to keep passenger flow moving indoors, while keeping travellers and employees safe.

“Getting the word out and letting people know they can fly from YQG I think is important,” Galvin says.