An animal trapper from Comber is disputing an animal abuse charge after the Windsor/Essex County Humane Society says a pigeon was found with broken wings and legs.

The Humane Society charged Ted Foreman in relation to a call on Jan. 7. Investigators responded to the GM transmission plant at 1550 Kildare Road for a complaint that a live pigeon was injured while being used to attempt to capture an owl.

When contacted by CTV News, Foreman disputed the charge. He says he didn’t injure the pigeon and it wasn’t injured when he tied it to a lead to lure the owl.

“Why would I do something so stupid,” says Foreman. “I was trying to save the life of an owl. How many owls have you seen in the city of Windsor? Personally (I’ve seen) none.”

He says he didn’t know any of this was coming, until he was served the papers on Tuesday.

Human Society executive director Melanie Coulter says the pigeon was found without and food or water and was removed. Shelter veterinary staff examined the bird and found two broken wings and two broken legs.

“The reality is this pigeon had four broken limbs. If you think of a dog lying there with no food or water with four broken limbs without treatment anyone would be shocked if we didn’t take action,” says Coulter.

The pigeon was euthanized due to the severity of its injuries.

Foreman was charged under the OSPCA Act with causing distress to an animal. He is scheduled to appear in court on April 22.