Collective Soul broke into the music industry during the rise of alternative and grunge rock in the 1990's.

Bass player Will Turpin grew up just two streets over from some of his future Collective Soul bandmates in Stockbridge, Georgia.

"My dad owned a recording studio in our little town, which is where Ed basically honed his craft," Turpin tells CTV News in a phone interview.

Turpin was the last to join lead singer Ed Roland and the group in 1994. Turns out, the timing was perfect.

"I was kinda like the last one to commit, but when I committed the timing was right, cause if I would have committed any later the bus might have left me," he says.

That was the same year their hit "Shine" became the number one Album Rock Song and won a Billboard award.

Other hits include "The World I know" "December" and "Heavy".

"We take ultimate pride and have an immense amount of fun playing those songs," says Turpin.

Turpin says even after 25 years, the band will never get tired of their big songs.

"‘The World I Know’, these are sound tracks in people's lives, and at this point they are sound tracks to my life as well," says Turpin.

The band is turning attention to their new album "Blood", which came out June 21.

"It's about family and lineage and brotherhood and all those things that matter," he says.

Something else that matters to Turpin is putting on a good live show.

"After 25 years, we have to focus on the overall big picture,” adds Turpin. “We're really worried about that energy flow is there between the fans and the band."

Showtime is 8 p.m. at Caesar Windsor. There are still a few tickets available.