WINDSOR, ONT. -- Under the Ford governments 28 day shutdown, outdoor recreational amenities such as playgrounds are permitted to open, only if physical distance of at least two meters can be maintained.

Dr. Gerald Evans is an infectious disease specialist at Queens University and believes its safe environment for children.

“If you’re outdoors, especially on a playground on beautiful day with the wind blowing, the risk of transmission is dramatically reduced.”

According to Evans, transmission of COVID-19 outdoors is anywhere from three to 18 times less than indoor environment.

“Monkey bars, kids gather close together. Maybe worthwhile if they’re going to be doing that to have a mask on.”

But Evans says activities where kids can socially distance, transmission of the virus is low.

And with temperatures above normal Easter Sunday, families were soaking up the sun.

Mike Dojcinovski is a father of four.

“I’m comfortable with it, as long as they’re socially distancing I’m totally ok with it. I believe we’ve educated our children enough that they’re fully aware of that,” says Dojcinovski.

Another parent telling CTV Windsor,

“If it’s crowded he wears a mask. If not, we just go about our business and have a good time. They gotta stretch, they gotta get the sun, and they gotta get the air.”

Evans believes as the weather continues to warm up over the next several months, children’s mental health will benefit from outdoor activities.

“We have to try and encourage what we can and good activities that are gonna result in a really low risk to kids and let them get on with being kids in a playground.”